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1. View Diesel Truck Glow Plug Controller mounted on Duramax Diesels Driver Side Firewall. Remove 2 bolts holding the Duramax Diesels controller case cover.
2. Remove the 5 bolts shown, four on the case and 1 on the metal tubing shown. Remove Diesel Truck black metal casing under the bolts to access the Duramax Diesels fuel pressure valve.
3. Duramax Diesels Fuel pressure valve can now be seen after removing Duramax Diesels Glow Plug Controller assembly. Unscrew Duramax Diesels valve and remove from Duramax Diesels fuel rail. Diesel Truck Photo shows valve loosen and unthreaded most of the way.
4. Take Duramax Diesels valve and thread supplied nut tool onto Duramax Diesels valve. Then place Duramax Diesels valve in a vice, clamping down on sides of Duramax Diesels valve cap.
5. Use a wrench to unscrew supplied nut in order to remove Durmax Diesels valve cap. Be careful to hold end of Duramax Diesels valve while doing this! It is spring loaded and you don't want to loose parts!
6. Another view of removing the Duramax Diesels valve cap after loosening in step 5.
7. Removing metal spring, then insert the two supplied metal shims into Duramax Diesels valve. 3 shims are supplied with your Duramax Diesels MP-8 module, however only 2 need to be used.
8. Place Durmax Diesels valve back in vice, now with a thick piece of cardboard or piece of wood behind valve cap to prevent damage to the duramax diesels valve seal surface. Tighten vice so that the duramax diesels valve cap reenters valve until fully seated. No need to over-tighten; just tighten until snug.
9. Replace durmax diesels valve spring and then Durmax Diesels cap. Note that there are 3 holes in a triangle position on the inside of the Durmax Diesels valve cap that does not need to be removed from Duramax Diesels cap and should face towards spring as it did when it was removed, hole alignment is not necessary.
10. Take a small punch and small hammer and re-apply the 3 factory indentations along the duramax diesels lip where the duramax diesels valve casing covers the duramax diesels valve cap. You may need to loosen the vice slightly to rotate the valve to access all 3 indentations, but do not let the spring push the cap out any! Make sure that the duramax diesels cap stays fully seated in duramax diesels valve while rotating. After doing so loosen the vice and make sure that the duramax diesels valve cap is held by the indentations. Then replace the duramax diesels valve back in your Diesel Truck vehicle, replace the black metal casing, and reassemble the duramax diesels Glow Plug Controller Casing.

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